Do dreams come true?

hot-air-ballonWhen I was a child I had a book about a rabbit called Peter. Peter rabbit was on vacation and went to see a balloon festival. He drove by train through the landscape and arrived at this field full of colorful balloons. It was a spectacular sight and Peter decided to try a ride in one of the balloons. He chose a red one and watched as the captain filled the gigantic balloon with hot air. Soon he was hovering above the clouds. He could see the roads and little cars beneath him.

It’s my dream to fly a hot air balloon like that one day. Perhaps it’s because of that book. It might be - why else would it be my dream to fly in a basket hanging from a balloon when I’m afraid of heights?!

It’s one of those odd dreams, that I am perfectly happy having unfulfilled. Other dreams would be harder to never see come true. Like the dream of raising a big family. Or the dream of making a difference. And yet… Today I stumbled over the text: “Win a balloon trip for two”. It didn’t take me a second to break off my route and enter that shop to sign up for the competition.

Anyway - I’d better think twice before I buy books about skydiving or climbing Mount Everest for my son!

What’s your dream?

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  1. Megan Pewter says:

    They say that what your dreamed is the exact opposite of what’s going to happen to you. Although in my experience, there are a few that came true. Just keep on dreaming. There’s nothing wrong with it.


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