Finally a test for social IQ?

Chose this pic for no particular reason. ;-) Photo by Darko Novakovic.

Chose this pic for no particular reason. ;-) Photo by Darko Novakovic.

I am very ambivalent towards IQ-tests.

On the one hand, I can’t help at giving it a try. How fast can I be, how good? Both being ambitious by nature my husband and I have sometimes done them for fun. I readily admit he always gets the best score. He’s excellent on math and logic, I score better on language.

On the other hand, I am appalled by the way these tests give you a standardised assignment, takes one look at your answer and labels you with a number. Not a word about your personality, how much effort you put into it, or how creative your thinking was (yes - I’m a woman). They don’t even thank you for clicking the “submit”-button in a friendly manner.

An IQ-test doesn’t show if you are capable of maintaining a friendship. If you know how to calm a crying baby. If you are brave enough to stand up against unrighteousness when you see it. It doesn’t show, if you are patient enough to teach your grandma to use a computer, or if you could stay calm in an emergency. It shows if you can finish a proverb, make a puzzle, solve a code - or make a lucky guess. But what about all the (other) skills that really matter in life?

I stumbled upon another kind of test recently. It’s not an IQ-test, but I think it shows something (at least a bit) about social intelligence. Can you read people? It’s a test to recognise fake and genuine smiles. Go ahead and try. As in real life, you have one chance to observe and discern.

Click this picture to take the smile test.

Click this picture to take the smile test.

How well did you do? What do you think about IQ-tests?


  1. Martin Madsen says:

    I got 15 out of 20 right. I think the trick is to look at how the smile starts and ends. The genuine smiles seems to be produced by something surprising.

  2. Kirstine says:

    I got 15/20 too - but don’t give away all the tricks! ;-)

    It’s funny to imagine how thay have made the test. My guess is they show them the text “smile” or they show them a picture of a loved one.


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