What can we learn from youtube?

Just about anything!

If you think youtube is just for funny videos of weddings gone wrong, you need a wider perspective. Let me share some of the things we can learn on youtube:

Learn a new instrument. Youtube os full of friendly people teaching others how to play the guitar , play the harmonica or play the piano. These kinds of videos convinced me I could learn how to play the ukulele, so I bought one and started playing. The world is open!

Learn to use your software and web applications. Even though I’m married to a software engineer, I really don’t like getting new software. Well, if I could download the knowledge of how to do things, I might like it better. But it makes me feel lost not knowing how to make an index in the new edition of MS word, or not being able to find the crop tool in my new photo editor. But hey - ask youtube. So many friendly people have made guides for just about anything. And the screen and voiceover format works really well for software tutorials.

Learn a language. At a dinner party I asked my guests what they dreamed to learn. I was surprised how many had a hidden dream of learning a new language - or three! Youtube have stacks of videos to get you started. Learn numbers and time in Italian, how to say hello in Chineese or how to declare your love in Russian.

Learn how to cook. I am constantly amazed at how many people take the time to make good tutorial videos on just about anything. Here is a happy Indian fellow teaching everyone how to make (spicy!) chicken curry. You can also learn how to make hot fudge (a personal favorite for rainy days) or chineese spareribs.

Learn how it works! Before making a purchase I really like to know what this fancy new thing is and how to use it. I have used youtube to learn about looots of baby equipment before buying. Here you can learn how to use a stretchy wrap (aka how to carry an infant in 5 meters of cloth…) or what this new fancy on the go bottle warmer is all about.

What have you learned on youtube?

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  1. I didn’t know that you tube had these kinds of language training videos, now I can learn my dream languages, thank you for sharing.


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